Course : Book Arts
Instructor : Macy Chadwick
Semester : Fall 2011
Keywords : Rusty / Quirky / Grey

This project’s objective was to creatively structure a book around a unique story. I made a book about pigeons using two pieces of cardboard and a thin piece of craft paper. I then made an accordion binding with a die cut-through on each page. To gather ideas, I sat out in the sun and observed pigeons. Pigeons are urban birds with interesting lifestyles. I really noticed them for the first time when I moved to San Francisco, because there are always flocks of them roaming around the city. While watching them closely, I saw that they are adapting to urban life by pecking at anything edible. I created a fictional pigeon character named Grey. In my neighborhood, Fisherman’s Wharf, pigeons eat bread bowls that tourists throw away. Sometimes they fight with tourists, stealing food from their hands. Other times, they fight with seagulls over the bread bowls.